Crowdfunding for Bypass Surgery

When is bypass surgery necessary?

As we age, our arteries that supply blood and oxygen to our hearts stop working properly. This can be due to lifestyle choices and other factors. Plaque builds up, which causes the arteries to become narrower and harder, which in turn leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the heart.

Although it is possible to treat mild heart blockages with medications, exercise, and lifestyle changes, severe artery blockages are more difficult. This is when the patient will need coronary bypass surgery. Although it cannot repair or remove blockages already present in the heart, the surgery can provide alternative routes to those blocked arteries.

Why would one consider bypass surgery?

The procedure has many benefits. The CABG protects against heart attacks, improves ventricular functioning, relieves respiratory discomfort and angina and helps with retaining strength. It also helps to prevent memory loss.

What are some of the risks associated to bypass surgery?

There are some risks to bypass surgery despite all its benefits. This procedure is complicated and can be dangerous. These include infections, bleeding in the veins, blood clot formation, renal failure, complications arising from the lungs, heart rhythm issues, post-pericardiotomy Syndrome, memory loss and even death.

These risks are even greater for patients who are older, have poor muscle function due to previous issues, suffer from chronic lung problems, or have kidney problems.

What’s the situation in India’s bypass surgery industry?

India is a great place to have bypass coronary surgery. It’s also one of the most affordable. Every day new techniques are being developed. The recent introduction of GST has made this possible. It is 60-65% less expensive than standard healthcare in developed countries like the USA, Germany, and Canada. These cities are the best for cardiac acre: Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai, as well as Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Yet, the situation isn’t so bright despite all of this. This is where crowdfunding comes in.

How crowdfunding can help bypass surgery in India?

The need is urgent. Fortis, Delhi and Apollo in Mumbai, Chennai, Wockhardt, Bangalore are some of the top places to get CABG services. These are all the top private hospitals in India. This is not surprising given the declining state of the country’s public infrastructure, which is losing ground to newer private structures and is routinely neglected by the government. Yet, the majority of people in this country don’t have the income to afford these elite institutions.

A bypass surgery costs anywhere from Rs 1.5 lakhs up to Rs. The average cost of a bypass surgery in India is Rs 1.5 lakhs to Rs. This is difficult for the average family of lower-middle class to afford, so the poor are not included in the picture.

The Union government has recently launched a program that allows BPL families to receive free bypass surgery in both public and private hospitals. This leaves many BPL families without access to this program due to the paperwork involved. It also applies to families who are not covered by the BPL, but still need sustenance.

What are these patients going to do? Crowdfunding can be a great way to secure the proper treatment for patients in urgent need of surgery.
These are the things you need to remember when crowdfunding bypass surgery in India:

– Make sure you understand the process if you have direct ownership of a case that requires crowdfunding. Crowdfunding can be very simple and you will find support teams on the major crowdfunding platforms India that will help you for a nominal fee.

If you’re a person who would like to help a patient but aren’t a well-known name in crowdfunding, it is important that you only start small. It is a good idea not to take on too many patients and then move on.

Surgeries are a popular case on crowdfunding platforms. Potential donors will be competing for their attention. Make sure you include all relevant documents, such as the bills and reports. Don’t forget to make the patient feel as humane as possible, so the potential donor understands exactly what is at stake. Crowdfunding is all about empathy.

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