Food Safety is a critical aspect of cleaning and sanitizing.

Because harmful bacteria can exist anywhere, it is important to clean and sanitize food preparation areas. Cleaning surfaces, equipment, and food must be done with care to reduce the chance of contamination.

Cleaning checks

Food preparation contaminants can easily transfer between food handlers, equipment and foods. Food handlers need to ensure that food surfaces, equipment, utensils and hands are properly cleaned and sanitized in order to avoid cross-contamination. Food contact. Below are some tips to prevent cross-contamination

Good hand hygiene is the first step to food safety.

* Food handlers should make sure to lather their hands, fingers, and back before drying them on a towel.

* Food handlers should ensure that disposable single-use gloves are used when handling raw meats, vegetables, and other foods.

* Humans pose a food safety risk. Food handlers should avoid touching the nose, eyes, ears, hair, or other body parts while preparing food.


Inadequate sanitization is another risk to food safety. You can sanitize with heat or chemicals.

* Chemicals used to sanitize can stay on surfaces and equipment. Therefore, only safe and recommended chemical cleaners should be used.

* Food handlers should always have a chart in front of them to ensure they are correctly diluting chemicals.

* Surfaces and equipment used in commercial food preparation areas should be cleaned after each use according to best practices.

* Equipment is considered sanitized if it is washed in water at least 770C.

* Equipment must be properly cleaned before being sanitized in the dishwasher or in hot water.

Washing Foods

Many fruits and vegetables are treated with toxic pesticides. The foods also have been handled by many people before reaching the kitchen. They should be washed in running water, especially if they’re being eaten raw. Raw meats should not be washed on other surfaces. Before using raw meats, it must be washed in clean, sanitized water. The sink that was used to wash the food must be properly cleaned before it can be used again.

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