Tips to Label CBD Edibles

To avoid being in trouble with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission, CBD companies must comply with labeling requirements. Companies that mislabel CBD products as medical treatments were reprimanded by the FTC and FDA.

All CBD companies that comply with the FDA’s guidelines know that Epidiolex has never been approved as a CBD treatment.

No matter what CBD product you are selling, you must adhere to the proper CBD labeling. This is especially true when CBD edibles are concerned. Customers can easily get CBD-infused food and beverages. Customers may be eager to try CBD products, but you need to ensure that your labels are accurate.

These are the components of a good CBD label you should use for your CBD edible products. To make your CBD edible products stand out, we have included tips for each element.

Standard Product Label Elements

These identifiers are essential for CBD products that meet the proper labeling requirements.

  • Brand Name: Your brand identity usually occupies the largest space on your packaging. It is more memorable to have a customized logo that highlights the product form. You might have a CBD gummy logo that is unique to your main CBD brand.
  • The CBD Product form: Let the customer know which edible they are purchasing. This should inform your customer that the package contains CBD gummies or CBD cookies, CBD capsules or CBD lozenges, CBD beverages, CBD drink enhancers, CBD beverages, CBD pills, CBD chewables, CBD gels, CBD tablets, CBD lozenges, CBD gummies, CBD cakes, CBD cookies, CBD capsules, CBD pills, CBD edibles, and CBD beverages.
  • Net Quantity: It is important for your customers to know how much product each package contains and how much CBD per serving. Solid CBD edibles such desserts or capsules should indicate their weight. While liquid CBD forms like drinks and CBD edibles should indicate their volume, solid CBD edibles should indicate how much they weigh. The suggested serving size may be indicated on the packaging.
  • Ingredients: CBD edibles must list all ingredients on the label. It is mandatory to disclose every ingredient in your CBD products. It is not acceptable for a customer suffering from a nut allergy or to purchase a whole pack of CBD cookies and then have a reaction to an unidentified almond ingredient.
  • Warning Statement: CBD edibles can be tempting. Each package should contain a warning that they are not to be consumed by children or pets. Children might not be aware that CBD is in the cookies or gummies they see. Animals will eat what is in their mouths. All edible CBD products should contain warning statements.
  • Product facts: CBD is available in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. The type of CBD that your edibles contain must be included in the product. Additional product information includes an expiration date and a manufacturing date.
  • Manufacturer Contact Information: Customers will want to be able to communicate with you directly through your website. You can include your company’s address and phone number on the CBD edible package. Customers can scan the QR code to get your CBD edible package.
  • These labeling practices will ensure compliance with FDA and FTC. Customers will feel confident buying CBD products from brands that comply with the FDA and FTC. CBD edibles that are properly labeled can make a CBD brand reliable.

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