Is Hemp Seeds important?

Hemp seeds are considered superfoods by many. The seeds offer many health benefits, as well as a rich nutrition profile.   Even though hemp seeds are from Cannabis sativa, they do NOT produce a mind-altering effect.   These small, brown seeds, rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fatty oils, including omega-3s as well as omega-6s, […]

Can a Baby Survive with a Heartache?

According to research, almost 1% of all live infants born in a given year have congenital heart defects (CHD). The Ventricular Septal Disease (VSD), also known as a hole or CHD, is one of the most common CHD in infants. Parents should be concerned about their child’s organ development and seek a consultation for Congenital Heart Disease. […]

Crowdfunding for Bypass Surgery

When is bypass surgery necessary? As we age, our arteries that supply blood and oxygen to our hearts stop working properly. This can be due to lifestyle choices and other factors. Plaque builds up, which causes the arteries to become narrower and harder, which in turn leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the heart. Although it […]