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cannabis appsWe have seen marijuana slowly become legalized across the United States. Its acceptance paved the way for new products such as smokeable and edible forms of marijuana. More notably, the rise in CBD acceptance continues to evolve. It is legalized in most states in the US. More access requires more regulation, but that’s not yet entirely possible. Additionally, technology adapts to the change in CBD availability and familiarity. Use-cases include mobile applications to meet the demand of CBD as a nationally accepted product. You can now learn more about CBD products, plant types, health benefits, dispensaries, and even delivery services. These are great for on the go, anywhere you’re at information and delivery. But first, what is CBD?

What is CBD?
CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana chemically known as cannabidiol. Ingredients like CBD, hemp oil, olive oil, coconut oil are typically combined to produce CBD oil. Sometimes it’s used in sleep aids and as an anti-anxiety. More medically used associations are with skincare products. Commonly used in various skin and body health routines, CBD oil increases in popularity. Why is it all of the rage? It’s natural with multiple health benefits. CBD also contains little to no THC content and doesn’t have the intoxicating effect of well-known marijuana. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of CBD.

How Potent is my CBD?
Have you ever wondered what is in your CBD product? How potent are the contents? Is there a full ingredient list? Now you can find this and more with the click of a button. You can learn about the type of product you’re using, whether it’s a topical, edible, or oil. You can research valuable ingredient information to know what’s going in your body. Consider it your one-stop-shop for CBD. These apps (or inclusions within larger apps) act as a directory to quickly understand your product. It is essential to know what’s going into your body or what you’re buying. This is especially true as CBD becomes more available and accepted than ever before.

cannabis appsWhat dosage of CBD should I consume?
Mobile applications are almost replicas of internet websites. So, what’s the difference? It is your on-the-go content calculator. Are you dealing with inflammation, such as arthritis? What about skin conditions like acne? Are you feeling stressed? You can calculate how much hemp or CBD oil you should take for your given issue. This will save you money on your product in the long run. You can stop wasting money and product by overuse, or underuse that you then compensate for with increased use. Doesn’t that sound ideal? CBD dosage calculator will continue to thrive as important. The rise of CBD oil availability almost demands a dosage calculation system. Are you a consumer of CBD oil products? Consider looking into a dosage calculator in the app store. Let’s look at another solid example of mobile apps in the world of CBD.

Delivery and Access
Have you ever wondered how far away is the closest dispensary? Or even a convenience store with CBD products? (Yes, they exist). There’s a mobile app for that! Mobile apps serve many purposes, and one of those is mapping. It can access your GPS location and show you the distance to a dispensary. Go a step further and find out a place close to your destination. As you can see, this can be super helpful if you’re on the go.

Okay, that’s cool. But what’s out there for the days that I don’t want to go anywhere? Well, some of the biggest mobile apps today are directed toward delivery service. Some noteworthy examples are food delivery, laundry delivery, and now pharmacy delivery. It only makes sense to have a CBD mobile app for ease of transportation. So, why not head over to the app store later and find a delivery app? Save yourself the trouble next time you’re out of CBD.

cbd hemp oil Leafly (honorable mention)
Do you remember how we talked about marijuana/CBD directories? Well, the largest, most well-known and respected service is Leafly. It’s both a website and now a mobile app. You can easily find the type of plant provided by your CBD. You can even head over to their in-depth breakdowns of various plant strains. This helps you understand flavor notes and common use-cases. Here’s another purpose of CBD mobile apps:

Medical Marijuana Cards
Are you trying to help save the planet? Or, are you headed to a dispensary but forgot your medical marijuana (CBD) card? Now, you can access your medical cards on a mobile app. It lets you leave the house in peace without thinking twice about something as simple as a card. Fortunately, technology has come a long way. You can host the medical card on your phone, scan, and done. It’s that simple.

CBD Tokens
What are CBD Tokens? They are similar to bitcoin. They’re a cryptocurrency for CBD wholesales. Mobile apps aimed at CBD tokens are related to a bitcoin wallet. You can store and earn more tokens for your next CBD purchase. It’s not uncommon to source CBD from the web for quality. CBD tokens make it simple to be safe, smart, and efficient with online purchases. Consider checking out this innovation in the app store. CBD has taken off considerably. It’s gone from a product of uncertainty to one of power. It’s used to treat skin conditions, epilepsy, and anxiety. The abundance of legal access creates an opportunity in the technology sector. We will continue to see mobile apps emerge as a way to streamline the CBD industry. Why not get ahead of the game? Go to the app store today to find your next favorite CBD tech tool.

cbd crowdfundingOne of the primary obstacles of CBD business is the fear of legal prosecution. Although CBD edibles and CBD medication are legal in most places now, certain places still hold it illegal. Therefore, getting lump sum amount of bank loans becomes problematic. Because CBD edibles are made with Cannabinoid compounds extracted from Cannabis plants, most people assume that these are similar to Marijuana. It is just a very basic misconception. But, this misconception and legal problems are two obstacles that CBD production houses must deal with. At present, the common misconception about CBD edibles has decreased about the public, thanks to the internet. A lot of people are now interested in CBD because of its quality of healing or reducing physical and mental pain. Noticing the rising demand of CBD in the market, the suppliers are now interested in CBD crowdfunding. Because of social media, crowdfunding is a popular way of arranging money now. Crowdfunding is a people’s fund where a large number of people donate mon
ey in exchange of share in the business of in the promise of something.

CBD crowdfunding is an effective way for the suppliers to get money to run the business and the customers to donate some money in promise of regular discount or free sample offers. Many websites these days have provision of CBD crowdfunding where interested people can donate money. These are some of the most visited CBD crowdfunding websites:

1. Hikurangi Hemp Company

This is a New-Zealand based CBD company which focuses on producing CBD medication which is in high demand now. They run their business through equity crowdfunding. They also promise to deliver legal CBD products which are made from Cannabis plants they grow themselves. Their target initially was to raise about 2 million dollars. They were working through the New Zealand crowdfunding site called PledgeMe.

2. CannaKorp

Cannakorp is another crowdfunded Cannabis company which produces and supplies CBD products. They pride on producing world’s first, single-use, herbal vapourizer. They aim to raise about 1.07 million dollars through crowd funding.

3. Confident Cannabis

Confindent Cannabis is famous for dealing in wholesale supply of Cannabis products. This company is leading in the CBD crowdfunding as it received a 12 million dollars worth of fund through Series A funding this year.

4. HelloMD

This is another Cannabis company that is trying to expand its business through crowdfunding. It has combined traditional capital with crowdfunding to get the best results. It has through Series A funding has accumulated about 15 million dollars.

5. Leaf

Leaf is a CBD production company which believes in combining tradition capital and crowdfunding. They think that crowdfunding also makes it possible for their business to reach more customers. A fresh plethora of subscribers have subscribed to their websites after they have launched the crowdfunding system. It has made their relationship with the customers more organic.

Crowdfunding provides just another provision for making CBD products popular and capitalize on CBD products. It also does not have the problems of legality issues.

Hempseed oil often referred to as hemp oil is harvested from hemp seeds, which is often unrefined and looks like a clear green oil. It is different from CBD oil as it does not contain THC, which is the Psychoactive element, but CBD oil has a very small quantity of THC. Hemp oil is known to have many health benefits, which include improving skin health. Thanks to its nourishing vitamins and moisturizing quality.There are numerous way hemp oil can be used by applying the oil on the face or directly consuming the oil.

Moderate oil production

Hemp oil works on many skin types where it can moisturize your skin without clogging your pores. It makes sure that your skin is balanced by hydrating and regulating oil production. Dryness can also be the cause for your skin to produce oil, which can lead to acne, but hemp oil can do that without the fear of clogged pores.

oil production

Moisturizes and soothes inflammation

Hemp oil contains GLA, which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory which encourages skin cell growth and promotes the growth of new cell generation. This helps calm the inflammation and irritation caused on your skin by dryness, acne or psoriasis.

Treats atopic Dermatitis

As hemp oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the consumption of the oil not only treat the skin of atopic dermatitis but also will reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis after 20 weeks.

Has anti-ageing properties

Hemp oil has anti-ageing properties as the Omega-3 fatty acids have been known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and also prevents the signs of anti-ageing. The additional linoleic acid and oleic acids are found in hemp oil which cannot be produced by the body, but hemp oil will add this into your body for healthy nutrition.

There are several methods you can intake hemp oil to benefit your skin

Topical use of hemp oil

The first method is to apply the oil on your skin directly as a remedy for any irritation or dry patches, which can soothe the dry patch almost quickly. Before you apply the oil on your face try to test in on other parts of your body to ensure that hemp oil works for you body.

Oral use of hemp oil

Another method is to consume the hemp oil directly to help ensure that it provides the same health benefits but with less risk of any skin condition or breakouts. It is adviced that you talk to the doctor before taking it orally. Straight consumption of hemp can cause you to have an upset stomach it is advised that you take hemp oil mixed in with your food for ultimate health benefits.