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cbd ediblesAlthough CBD was decriminalized and moved from the list of banned substances by the Farm Act of 2018, most CBD manufacturers and digital marketers still have a hard time marketing their CBD products. The CBD industry on its own has been linked to high figures and returns in the future. So, if you are a digital marketing consultant or a producer of CBD products like CBD edibles and the rest, you should not give up on your goal to make green bills from the CBD industry.

Restrictions and the CBD market
The internet has grown to be the biggest global network of people and it is still growing, one good thing the internet has brought about is Social Media. Social Media continues to bridge the gap of geographic differences and is one of the best and easiest platforms for advertising your products. However, CBD is tagged as “illegal/illicit/offensive substances” on most Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. and postings/advertisement of CBD related compounds could earn the poster a block or total ban on the account.

Therefore, advertisements for CBD products have to be limited to creating awareness and providing information about what CBD is.

Avoid these when you advertise
The FDA and other agencies are already looking for ways to shut down campaigns on CBD supplements. Don’t give the agency or the Media platform reasons to shut down your campaign by making untrue and untested claims about the potency of your CBD products.

Avoid making;

  • Wild Health and medical claims about CBD compounds
  • Untested and Exaggerated claims
  • Strategies that would help you market your CBD online

digital marketing consultantSEO marketing
The search engine runs billions of ‘errands’ per day and is the place to search for anything. SEO stands for search engine Optimization and involves placing your brand strategically on the web such that; when a search involving your keywords pops up, your product comes up. This is a very cost-effective method for advertising your CBD products, and you should contact your digital marketing consultant.

Create contents and lots of it
Create informative articles, topics, and stir discussions about CBD on your Social media walls, blogs, and forums; this helps to pique people’s interest and awareness about CBD. Content creation also helps your SEO agenda; as it works by linking specific keywords to your brands.

The use of Social Media Influencers and Affiliate Marketing
Influencers can reach a high and diverse level of audience due to their high number of followings and immense reactions to their posts. Most companies have set their sights to marketing with influencers; they are seen as the celebrities of the SM, and they hold sway over a lot of users. Also, influencers can be effective to help direct most of their followers to your site through affiliate marketing. They can ensure your website or blog get lots of traffic by directing their users through campaigns and adverts.

marketing consultantEmail Marketing
Most people erroneously discard the use of Emails as a means of passing across messages, but you should know that the Email is the most visited platform after Google and Social Media sites. Send coupons to people who subscribe to your newsletters, remind them of your deals, and offer incentives for referrals.

Discoveries being made about the CBD compounds will mean that most of these laws will be relaxed and improved. As a digital marketing consultant or CBD marketer, you should pay attention to these changes and how they affect you. Also, make a lot of research on viable methods before launching your CBD marketing and campaigns.