poison ring


CBD dropsAlthough CBD doesn’t have the societal stigma attached to it as cannabis does, it doesn’t hurt to hide it wherever you live. Whether it’s a method to prevent others in your house from using it, keep it hidden from visitors, or just naturally hide it, there are countless ways to hide your CBD. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a simple way to take CBD very secretly in public, there are ways to go about hiding it.

Fortunately enough, CBD is entirely legal in all 50 states. However, like anything else, some people like to keep matters like CBD completely private. Even though there isn’t anything negative attached to the notion of taking CBD, it’s always useful to know where you can hide it during some issues.

Down below, we’re going to highlight a variety of ways to properly hide your CBD. Although some of these methods might not be plausible for all of you, the vast majority of them should work correctly. Even if you’re not looking for a way to hide your CBD, it doesn’t hurt to be knowledgeable on the subject. Nonetheless, let’s get started!

Secret Compartments

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there is most likely an area in your living situation that is perfect for a secret compartment. Considering a busted area in the wall, under a sink, or anything that only you know about it that others don’t. Since CBD tends to be relatively small in all of its various forms, it should be theoretically straightforward for you to designate a secret compartment for it.

Although a secret compartment strictly for CBD might seem to be a bit ridiculous for what you’re hiding, realize more people do it than most think of. Like anything else, hiding something you use a lot like CBD is always in your best interest. Plus, having a secret compartment is a fun add-on most people aren’t fully aware of.

poison ringDesignated Stash Boxes

Outside of standard secret compartments, consider storing your CBD in designated stash boxes. The term stash box has a bit of a broad sense to it, but a stash box is essentially a container for your stash. However, unlike a typical old container, it’s a box you’d buy individually for your stash. They sell stash boxes all over the web and various stores. Not to mention how you turn virtually any box into a standard box.

On the other hand, buying a standard mason jar can be incredibly useful as a stash box. No matter what you go with, the vital thing to know about stash boxes is how they operate. Be sure to only store whatever it is you want to stash away and nothing else. Basically, don’t store everyday items there; it should be a box meant for various products like CBD.

Storage Cases/Bins

Outside of having a box of some kind geared for CBD storage, an actual storage case or bin can be just as compelling. A lot of us have bins and storage cases that aren’t being put to any good use. No matter the size of the bin or case, considering placing your CBD in it. No one will think to look through your storage cases or bins; thus, it’s such a great spot for anything in this subject.

Nonetheless, consider looking around your living situation for a case or bin that isn’t be used. If you look hard enough, there’s most likely something you can use. If not, both options are incredibly affordable, or you can consider asking someone you know for one. Either way, they’ll both work out great for this purpose.

poison ringCBD Drops/Poison Ring

Outside of searching for storage configurations for your CBD, you most likely are searching for ways to conveniently take CBD in public. Although CBD is entirely legal, who wants to show everyone around them their CBD use? Whether you care or not, using a poison ring filled with CBD drops is a great way to take it secretly. All you have to do is place CBD drops in it, and then take it like you usually would.

On the other hand, if you have another variation of CBD, if it’s small enough to fit inside a poison ring, that’ll work. The idea is to take it without people around aware of the matter. We all know how frustrating a conversation or glares can be regarding CBD use, despite the apparent benefits tied to CBD. People tend to be stuck in the ways, thus why ideas like this exist.

Back of Medicine Cabinet

Since most people tend to think of CBD as medicine of some kind, consider hiding it somewhere in your medicine cabinet. That way, you’ll have it conveniently placed around everything else you use to treat yourself. Thus, the favorable aspect of hiding CBD in your medicine cabinet. If your medicine cabinet is already fairly full, the back of it is a decent spot.

If you have an area in the medicine cabinet that’s a bit rough near the wall all of it, consider putting a secret compartment in the cabinet itself. That way, your CBD is even more discrete than it would be just in the back. Either way, placing CBD in a hidden spot in your medicine cabinet is excellent in and of itself.

CBD dropsUnder Bed

No matter your age, you’ve most likely hidden something under your bed at one point or another. Considering our bed is a perfect cover for whatever we put under it, having your CBD under it is an excellent spot for it hide. If you have a side of your bed that’s against the wall, placing your CBD stash right there is a perfect spot for easy use. No matter where you place it under your bed, it should work out well for you no matter what.


Hopefully, from this article, you have several options to consider where you should go about hiding your CBD. Outside of the options listed to hide it, remember to keep in mind about the CBD drops and poison ring method for secretly taking it in public. No matter what you go with or don’t, you’ve at least gained some knowledge on where you can hide your CBD!