7 Tips for New Users

Edibles offer a way for beginners to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without actually smoking it. Who wouldn’t like to get high on brownies, cookies or other candy? The effects of edibles are often more intense than the norm, so it is important for first-timers to be mindful of how much they take. For more information on edible dosing, and other helpful tips, visit our guide. What can you do? Let’s see what the causes how long does it take for edibles to kick in?

  1. Homemade Edibles vs Dispensary-Bought

You’ll need to choose whether you make them at home, or if you buy ready-made edibles in a dispensary.

Making your own edibles is very simple. Simply melt butter, coconut oil, or any other ingredient with the cannabis and bake. You have the ability to make any number of goods.

The best thing about making it at your home is that you can adapt your meal to any diet such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. Saving money is another benefit.

  1. Determining the correct edible dosing

It is essential to know the right dosage. This section is important to help you make the right decisions when purchasing or making edibles.

Everyone reacts differently after taking cannabis. Individual reactions to cannabis can vary based on their tolerance and previous experience with marijuana.

  1. Start small with edibles. And be patient

Consuming edibles results in a powerful high.

Experts recommend starting off with low doses, being patient and taking your time. The effects can last as little as 10 mins or as long as several hours.

Sometimes, users may take an edible and feel nothing right away, then take more after the original dose begins to take effect. This is unsafe.

  1. Get Edibles in Comfortable Spaces

Even for the most skilled user, marijuana can be unpredictable. Keep your environment comfortable while you’re using marijuana or eating edibles.

It is important to remain calm. It’s helpful to be in familiar territory with people you know.

Do something that you are passionate about. A hobby that you enjoy, such as listening to music, board gaming, or binging Netflix will keep the mind busy and calm.

  1. Drink lots of water

An experienced user of marijuana will recognize the phenomenon of dry mouth. While it can cause them to drink more, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are dehydrated.

“Dry mouth” can be caused by cannabis. Doctors point out that this is a side effect.

Drinking water can not only relieve dry mouth but also keep you hydrated.

Anecdotally some people find that drinking water has helped them get past bad trips. Water does improve digestion.

  1. Avoid eating food from an empty stomach

Experts recommend that you consume plenty of liquids.

However, edibles are processed faster when consumed empty stomach. Some people have complained of upset stomachs or uncomfortable highs.

If you’re not feeling well, take a smaller dose.

Never take alcohol with any edible. It’s not only that alcohol cause’s dehydration, but it can also increase blood THC levels. Adverse effects are the last thing you want.


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